Toei Advertising, Ltd. (16666876)

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Country: Japan Type of profile: Company ID: 16666876
ISIC main activity: Advertising


  • 4-12, Kyobashi 2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (104-0031)
Telephones: (03)3271-2821 (+81-3-3271-2821) / (03)3281-4180 (+81-3-3281-4180) Sites:

Title: TOEI ADVERTISING, LTD. "Planning and production of TV program & theatrical film, Representative of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity" Description: TOEI ADVERTISING, LTD. is an advertising company in the TOEI GROUP,and we have also engaged in activities as a representative of Japan Creativity International Festival of Cannes.Our main business is to adjust all aspects of advertising. We will produce a number of content such as Super Sentai.In addition, we will do the planning and production of television programs and theatrical films. Keyword: TOEI ADVERTISING, LTD.,TOEI,TOEI Group,advertising company,advertisement agency,Cannes Lions international and creativity festivals,Cannes international and advertisement festivals,TOEI Career One、SUPER Ranger series、SUPER ranger NET,SUPER Sentai series,SUPER Sentai net Source:
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