EXI Explorer - Benefits

  • With EXI Explorer, by simply typing in a single concept (such as: a customs tariff or an importer) you are able to create a report that contains multiple spreadsheets and graphs on the desired subject.
  • EXI Explorer, in the matter of seconds, is able to process complex searches simultaneously with import and export bases, giving all of the results in one single report.

Find new customers and suppliers among 24,000,000 companies from around the world

  • This feature offers a universe of 24 million companies from all around the world who are identified by their contact information which thus allows you to find new business opportunities. The information can easily be segmented by country, activity and the type of imported or exported product.

Imports and Exports from 243 countries

  • The EXI – Explorer offers information on imports and exports from 243 countries. It allows searches on a particular country or multiple countries that are selected by the user to display the abridged information in tables and graphs.

Global foreign trade

  • The EXI – Explorer provides analysis of the global trade of imports and exports from around the world with the same analytical capabilities as those of a particular country.

Commercial reports on Argentine Importers and Exporters

  • With EXI – Explorer there is no additional cost for commercial reports on Argentine importers and exporters.

Allows reports to be created easily thanks to market reports

  • The Report Model by EXI – Expert allows for preconfigured reports to be obtained made up of multiple tables and graphs by typing in a single concept (such as: a customs code or an importer, the commercial exchanged between multiple countries of a product, etc.).

Intelligent searches and optimal visualization of information

  • System is enhanced by make and model with pre-display of hits by search keywords. Its interface makes it easy to find and analyze desired information in a much clearer way.

Searches by Dispatch Number or by Shipping Permit

  • Through EXI – Explorer you can enter a specific set of documents in order to analyze the information from a set of offices or shipping permits.

Transfer Pricing

  • In addition, this system has a tool that allows you to make a thorough study of transfer pricing in order to prepare legal tax documents.


  • EXI – Explorer is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and Italian.

Without having to install any software onto your PC

  • Access EXI – Explorer from your PC without installing any specific software.

Model Reports

  • Our technicions constantly add and update new models to reports for their use.
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