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Dunya News is the most popular Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan.

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top, developed, sense, ampquotinvincibilityampquot, recent, success, while, management, lacking, reining, excessesltpgtltpgtampnbspltpgtltpgtAfter, successful, defence, title, example, destroyed, companyampnbsps, damage, put, overexuberanceltpgtltpgtampnbspltpgtltpgtOn, Valerie, Fourneyon, coaches, needed, aware, particularly, advent, online, gamblingltbr, faces, charges, ltpgtampnbspltpgtltpgtTalking, newsmen, FATA, Secretariat, Dr, Tashfeen, situation, partially, better, visit, PTI, chief, Imran, Khan, Waziristan, rally, create, problemsltpgtltpgtltbr, gtHe, federal, government, informed, however, administration, received, reply, regardltpgtltpgtltbr, gtThe, additional, secretary, KhyberPakhtunkhawa, governor, given, approval, IT, policy, FATAltbr, ECS, says, unadvisable

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Dunya News: Pakistan ,World ,Business, Sports, Technology, Videos News

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