Dual wheels caster, twin wheels caster

Author: Tony Liu

Twin wheels medical caster, dual wheel hospital chair caster.
Wheel Material: TPR, PA
Size: 3" x 56mm; 4" x 68mm; 5" x 80mm
Loading Capacity: 60kg-120kg
Bearing Type: Delrin Bearing
Type Optional: Plate Swivel, Thread Swivel, Stem Swivel
Widely used as hospital bed caster, Medical trolley caster, Stretcher caster, Laboratory casters, Healthcare bed casters

As usual there have single wheels caster and dual wheels caster. Today we will talking about twin wheels casters

Because of their low profile and flexible rotation, dual wheels caster are usually used as chair caster wheels, like office chair, computer desk and hospital chair casters, or lamp base which need have low profile.

According to purpose we can divide it into common furniture dual wheels casters, and hospital furniture casters.

* Common furniture casters are usually made from Nylon, or nylon wheel with Pu tread which can protect hardwood. And the popular mounting way have, Plate top, Thread stem and insert stem. Mostly dual wheels load capacity is 15kg~50kg.

* Medical furniture dual wheels caster. Most of their wheels are with PA hub with PU thread, or PA hub with TPR thread. And in order to keep low noise we often match precision ball bearing, so we can call them high grade furniture wheels. So they are widely used as hospital chair caster wheels, medical cabinet casters and medical trolley caster wheels.

Twin wheels caster passing ability are not good as single wheels, so most of them are only used on indoor or smooth floor. Beside of this we need also clean the wheel regularly and put them under sunshine long time or overload. ; ; xinchen caster wheels company