Adjustable scaffolding caster wheels, adjustable scaffold caster wheels

Author: Tony Liu

Adjustable scaffolding caster wheels allow transfer off-centre casters to fixed type caster wheels. Compare regular scaffolding caster wheels, our adjustable scaffold casters,l oad more heavier weight and stable.;

 Compare with common scaffolding caster wheels, our adjustable scaffolding caster wheels, can load more heavier weight.

Below photos is common model, swivel scaffolding casters with total lock. But you can find when press the brake, even if it lock both of wheel and direction. The wheel is still a swivel caster wheel. The wheel center are not on the line of mounting tube this off-Centre design cause the casters can not support scaffolding tower extra weight and not stable enough.

Now let’s introduce advantage of our adjustable scaffolding caster wheels.

* Name: Scaffold Caster Wheels, Adjustable scaffolding caster wheels

* Material: PU, Polyamide, Poly amide

*Size available: 6" x 50mm ; 8" x 50mm

*Loading Capacity: 250kg-400kg

*Solid Stem Size: 34.5mm x 70mm Long

*Size of mounting tube: Customize

1.Thick Stamping wheel frame make the casters beauty and more stronger.

2. After press brake panel, It can lock both the wheel and bracket rotation. Meanwhile the wheel axle will moving from off-Centre position to the center center point wheel frame. That’s make sure the scaffolding casters more safety and stable.

3. Main purpose: High grade scaffolding, Tall scaffolding tower.

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