Why medical casters wheels become popular

Author: Tony Liu

Because of the social development, people need more quiet hospital environment, then medical caster wheels become popular, which widely used as hospital bed wheels, medical equipment casters, operate table wheels. All of them are match the hospital devices perfectly, to create an comfortable health condition to all of patients.

           Medical caster are widely used in many medical devices, such as infusion therapy vehicle, surgical instruments vehicles, wheelchairs and so on. Perhaps the reader will ask the question: What is the medical casters? Why does it get such a wide range of applications it? Here XinChen Caster came to ask you to answer it. Casters classification by difference application can be divided into medical casters, industrial casterssupermarkets casters, furniture casters, medical casters is one of a category. This particular medical applications, as medical casters they need meet many functions: 

1. Medical casters most taboo car bumps, especially for heavy patients and patients with multiple fractures, once the bumps can cause the patient's condition intensifies, even for the treatment. 

2. There have wide variety of medical vehicles, such as stretchers trolley, wheelchairs, treatment trolley, medication cart, medical cart and so on. 

3. Medical casters car also taboo noise, noise will make patient annoyance, affecting the patient's rest, and even affect the treatment of the disease. 

4. Medical casters used high frequency, using in the special occasion.

In summary medical casters must have anti-bump, low noise, variety, durability etc.

       Medical Caster wheels Characteristics. Medical casters comprise the shock absorber, plane bearings, active lever, universal bracket, nylon shaft, plastic rubber wheels and other components, structural integrity, high-quality materials to meet durability requirements. Damper is made from special materials, combined with the rest of the parts coordinated, to make medical caster achieve low noise universal rotation. Medical casters with a variety of different models for a variety of medical devices.    

      Medical casters with it's distinctive appearance, high quality materials and excellent processing quality, are widely used in medical instruments, specialized medical equipment and hospital furniture fields. Precision scroll and rotate, quiet driving performance and achievements of the outstanding characteristics of hygiene medical casters, it won the majority of users.