The friendship of Wintime Machinery and Gerb Vibration Control System for 12 years

Author: Alex Jiang

The friendship of Wintime and GERB from Germany for 12 years due to the purchasing items of spring testing machine, spring vibration test.

GERB Vibration Control Systems which is a global company and one of the leading companies in vibration control of machinery, equipment, structures and track-beds in the world purchased a 200 T computer control large compression testing machine which also can be used for damper test , landing gear drop test from Wintime Machinery Co., Ltd in 2012. It is well known that Germans are famous for those characteristics like rigorous, perfectionism and so on. Just like they got the champion of the World Cup 2014. Germans deserve it. And the high quality products of German enjoy great popularity among the worldwide owe to their rigorous and perfectionism.

Due to don't find a desired tester for vibration isolator in Germany, in 2002 Gerb Germany headquarter knew that there was a enterprise in Guilin who is the leading manufacturer of tester on springs and vibration isolator of the “WTM” brand and Wintime Machinery owned great reputation in the industry. So they assigned some professional person to China to for a substantial investigation. After several repeated and face-to-face technical communication, they reached a series of purchasing agreements. Gerb Germany purchases a batch of spring testing machine for its affiliated over the world every two years. For the 12 years, Wintime Machinery and Gerb have forged the profound friendship because of the spring tester.