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Hair Cutting Scissors-Aerona Beauty

Author: Bilal Malik

Aerona Beauty Hair Cutting Scissors endeavor to bring innovation and precision into the hands of the industry professionals. We are introducing our elegant and future oriented designed Barber Shears made with high grade of Japanese Stainless Steel.

Shears are a Hairstylist's and Barber's tool of the trade. Just as an artist wields a brush on a canvas, the Hairstylist and Barber uses shears to create beautiful or handsome hair. It is of the utmost importance that a barber have the best and latest scissors of the trade.

AERONA BEAUTY offer some of the most sought after and highly effective hair cutting scissors in the market. Started manufacturing in 2001, the Aerona Beauty Scissors offer an ideal entry route to the world of exceptional craftsmanship and stunning hairdressing shears design. Our shears are crafted from top quality stainless steel and finished in mirror, satin, sand, powder coated, gold plated, copper plated and titanium coated.

Clean the scissors after every use. Sharpening or balancing should be performed by a professional. If it is misused, broken or fall down the guarantee will not be applied.

Take some time to have a look through our extensive website and see the numerous ranges of hair scissors we sell.

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