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Author: Thomas Waldoch

We sell espresso machines, coffee makers and part. is the answer to a very specific question: How can I make an excellent cup of coffee at home?

Unfortunately, we're probably all too familiar with the bitter and diluted 'coffee water' -- you know, the kind of drip coffee you'd find in a roadside diner. If that's all coffee could be, we wouldn't be here! In fact, the quest to find out how to make delicious home espresso led our founder, Victor, on a journey through trial and error, wasting money on machines that didn't fit his needs and getting frustrated by the lack of practical information available. When he eventually found the perfect machine, he became convinced there had to be a better way to get from 'coffee water' to espresso.

So he took his experience and turned it into a business: The kind of company that provides skilled, knowledgeable advice on everything from the best machine to meet your needs to how you can make that delicious espresso on your own. Armed with the singular mission to provide unbiased and customer-centric service by a crew who love what they do, has grown from Victor's great idea into a unique and innovative leader in home espresso machines.

What makes so different?

We're focused on you: We want to make sure you buy the machine that is right for you, so we offer manufacturer-agnostic advice in a non-commissioned, low-pressure sales environment.

We know these machines inside and out: We test all new models thoroughly and use them often ourselves, so we know the good, the bad and the ugly (and we're not afraid to share it with you!).

We have an in-house authorized repair center: Unlike many other home espresso companies, we offer extensive repair services on a variety of machines -- whether you purchased it from us or not. Additionally, we're the authorized warranty repair center for Starbucks and Saeco machines. Repair services feature a free diagnosis/estimate prior to commencing repair.

We offer select warranties: While new models generally come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, we also offer additional years of warranty on many of the machines we carry. Additionally, we provide a 1-year warranty on all Certified equipment.